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More information on Pokémon Peace Squad: Crystal Freeze has been revealed. The first such info is that it might not remain being called "Crystal Freeze", but there are rumors that its name will be changed to "Chrono Freeze" instead. However, this is not confirmed. The timetravel process has also been revealed. You'll use Time Crystals to travel between the present and 100 years in the past, when the Megime Empire (might be renamed Megime Kingdom) was still around, and each stage has a different look.

Anyway, a bit more about the game's Episodes has also been revealed. As it turns out, each Episode will be named after the location where it takes place, each such location part of the mystery ship the game is centered around. Anyway, here are the revealed episodes:

Computer City: This is a futuristic, digital-themed city, with tall buildings that have glass walls that glow and highways that resemble circuits. According to the pics, one stage will be set in a pinball-themed park and another contains cybernetic trees. There is also what appears to be a steampunk-style stage and another showing the skeletons of cyber-like buildings (possible past versions of some of the stages). The Episode will be Team Plasma oriented.

Aquatic Resort: This happens to be the name of the whole Episode location rather than just a stage. It's a tropical ocean containing stages such as the one shown at E3 (which is called Citrus Coast) as well as ruins situated in the sea and also underwater coral. There is also another stage that's situated underwater and contains Dragalge robots. The Episode as you already know will be Team Aqua oriented.

Tropic Factory: This is the name of the while Episode location and not just one stage. It's a series of factories in the jungle and among the stages seen here include the one shown at E3 (which is called Machine Jungle) but also a stage consisting of vines, brambles, and what look like Piranha Plants of Mario fame. There's also a stage taking place inside one of the high-tech factories and has spiny vines going down the walls. Also, what appears to be the past version of Machine Jungle can be seen, where the trees are fewer but the place is devoid of machinery. The Episode is Team Flora oriented.

Vulcan Castle: This is a kingdom that had collapsed long ago due to volcanic upheaval and thus molten lava covers most of the terrain. One stage consists of stone spires and rock formations in the magma and one hazard is a giant Torkoal robot with cannons. There appears to be swimming in lava by use of a Fire Shield as well. Another stage takes place in the castle itself, which contains things such as swinging axes and spike traps. One more stage is the Team Magma base stage, which has pools of lava and pipes transporting it. The Episode is obviously Team Magma oriented.

Also, Episodes will have four stages rather than three, but you travel through three to clear the Episode. One stage is denoted as Area E, and is accessed by finding an alternate exit in the Stage 1 for the Episode, provided you clear the "Defeat the (…..)" objective in the process. Clearing the Area E in question will take you to Area 3 like you would if you cleared Area 2 for the Episode. The last thing to bring up is that there will be a hub in the form of Luminose City (since the ship is located above it) and you'll be able to visit various places in it.

For the story, some stuff revealed shows that Team Flora and Team Plasma indeed have new looks. For Team Flora, Brad has a bit longer hair and a different commando outfit while Seth now has dark shades and Xenia now wears a revealing top with cleavage and a larger coat as well as a headband. For Team Plasma, David's hair color has changed to yellow (he might be dying it), Rhonda has a bit longer hair and now wears a bodysuit, and Jack now had an outfit with lights going up and down it. For their leaders, Farlie has a bit more facial hair and wears a coat with what appears to be a tie while Plasmae wears a yellow-color cross between Cyrus's and Colress's outfits. In addition, Team Flora Grunts now have a bit darker skin.

One scene shows Dr. Eggman capturing Diancie while another shows how Latias and Latios enter their Mega forms; they merge together into said form! There is also a scene where Metal Sonic enters a Mega form! We'll also be getting some FF7 characters as well with at least Cloud, Barret, Cid, and Red XIII showing up. Also, the Mega forms from OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire will be present as well. In fact, here's a list of all the Mega forms revealed in the game so far and who has them:

Ash: Mega Charizard X
Viola: Mega Heracross
Grant: Mega Aerodactyl
Korrina: Mega Lucario
Ramos: Mega Venusaur
Clemont: Mega Ampharos
Valerie: Mega Mawile
Olympia: Mega Medicham
Wulfric: Mega Abomasnow
Malva: Mega Houndoom
Wikkstrom: Mega Scizor
Drasna: Mega Garchomp
Siebold: Mega Blastoise
Diantha: Mega Gardevoir
Steven: Mega Metagross (likely, since a pic of Mega Metagross is present)
Liza: Mega Charizard Y
Trixie: Mega Gyarados
Samantha: Mega Mawile
Harrison: Mega Blaziken
Morrison: Mega Swampert
Tyson (Hoenn): Mega Sceptile

More information will be presented in the future.


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